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By 4. March 2015January 25th, 2021Technologies

shpvb-04We offer wide opportunities to use composites outside an oven or autoclave. For this we use internally heatable bare tool bodies and heated PVBs, which means using integrated heating, sensors and control heating/curing processes can reproduce outside of traditional stoves or autoclave.

The applications are diverse, ranging from Resin-infusion (here viscosity reduction and curing) via preform/transformation (activation of the binder) to classic composite-curing-processes. We can replace the same conditions as in an autoclave with our tool-set with heated flexible mold die, which allows, by corresponding expansion process> 1 bar. Our control and sensing allows a process picture as oven and autoclave: Process ramps, hold times, cooling phases and fellow actuator are essential characteristics of our control.

shpvb-03The additional use of a network independent source for heating device, control or vacuum source, the vacuum bags or self-heating vacuum bags can also be “in the field” or ofshore for repairs, such as in wind wings, facades, boats and aircraft or military device use. Moderate field repairs on wind wings are the rule, caused by lightning damage or repair by hailstorm caused damage.

Performance Data
Performance of SHPVB plant or out-of-Oven-conditioning: 2x6Kw, max. 190 ° C

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