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Cutting machine

To improve the production of components as continuously as possible, all cutting of materials is assisted by a NC-Cutter. In this case, either existing or modified according to area information of the 3D models used or the creation of cutting programs are constructed by manual. Here we can also tap a 2D panel for easy digitizing sketches from new or still existing templates as samples. The resulting cuts have a high, as usual in NC machines, repeatability. The use of a cutter has a decisive influence on the repeatability of components manufactured from the cut material and has a highly positive influence on commercial aspects like real cutting-time and decrease of waste-production.

Suitable Materials

The cutter can be equipped with a variety of different tools. Depending on the tool and the desired cut quality that can cut all materials used in the composite area:
Prepreg of glass-, carbon-fiber and aramid-fiber
Wetpregs-all kinds
Films, tile, and paper goods
Rigid and flexible foams
Wire mesh up to wire diameter 0.1 mm


The maximum cutting width for rolls consists of 1600 mm. For sheet goods is an editing window of 1600 x 3200 mm available. In addition to our own requirements for material cuts the cutter is also available for wage cuts. Ask us about terms and conditions!

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