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Serial Production for aviation

We maintain serial production of air/climatic systems for aviation. These components are made of fiberglass reinforced epoxy and are manufactured by prepreg lay-up using our PVB’s and the autoclave. This heavy-duty housing, their application range is -55 to 240 ° C, we produce almost all Airbus aircraft types and other customers in quantities from 40 to 1400 units per year.

Components automotive industry

We build series components for the automotive industry by classic epoxy prepreg lay-up. Materials are carbon fiber and aramid fiber prepregs and foams used as a sandwich body. These components meet the customer requirements regarding fire safety (FAR 25.853) and splinter protection and processed by us ready, equipped with suitable metal fittings and painted, delivered. We manufacture plastic parts which are finaly supplemented in our home with fittings, additives and functional components made of aluminum, steel and titanium materials.

Manufacturing process

The components are sourced from competent partners, who for us is the production of spun parts, machined parts and machined ended service in the form of laser cutting and surface finishing such as plating, etc. take over. Depending on requirements, we supply tested components with all the supporting documents. The aviation industry even “Ship-to-line”, ie one without incoming inspection the customer directly to the camp or to the assembly line. Supplier selection, material purchasing, traceability as well as control of dimension and function are based on our in-house quality management system certified according to DIN EN 9100.

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